How Are We Different?


Firstly you've got to choose and buy postcard, often of a local landmark or view that was taken on an overcast day in 1970. Hmm, it's not how it looks now but I'll do to show Aunty Verena I guess.

Use your camera or camera phone to snap your own photo, maybe even with YOU in the scene! Upload the chosen photo to Race It Home.

Right, let's take the postcard to the beach to write a brief note. Damn! Not got a pen with you? Common problem... Head back to your room. Enter your message in your choice of font and size.

Ok, you're sorted with a pen... write message and address the card. Address? You've not written to Aunty Verena since last year and can't remember what her road is called. Phone her to check... Wow, that phone call is gonna cost! Choose recipient. Search on postcode or add recipients before you travel, they'll be stored securely for every holiday you have.

Right, your card's written and it's time to post it. You need to find a local Post Office to buy a stamp. Don't you wish you'd learnt the phrase for 'I would like to buy a stamp' in the local language? Review the postcard and confirm. Within minutes the card will be printed in the UK and popped in the post. It's delivered in days, BEFORE you get back home. Back to the beach...

Ok the stamps on and you eventually found a post box after much sign language with the locals. With a bit of luck Aunty Verena's card might arrive a week or two AFTER you get home.
Aww well the thought was there, maybe you can show her the photos on your camera before her postcard arrives.



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