How It Works

Race It Home is a simple way to send postcards back home to friends and family in the UK and Europe.


It's easy to use, and this is how we work:

Take Photo 

It goes without saying, take your photo! Use your camera or camera phone whenever the moment takes you.

Upload your photo to Race It Home using the website or mobile app (coming very soon!).

 Address Postcard

Choose a recipient from your address book or search friends addresses using their UK Postcode.

Why not add all your friends and family before you travel? We'll store them securely ready for you!

 Type Message

Type in a personal message to your friends... 


 Prints in UK

Within minutes, your card will be printed at our UK printing station, post franked and dropped into the post that evening.


Postcard Delivered! 

As the card started it's journey in the UK, it will be delivered to your recipient in just 1-5 days (depending on the service chosen). 

Your postcard WON the race home, enjoy the rest of your holiday!