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Great, you're ready to send! First of all we need a photo.

Click on the postcard below and choose on from your current selection or upload a new one. When you've chosen, click the photo to preview as a postcard and click NEXT to proceed.

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Nice photo... Next, select the lucky recipient who is going to receive this postcard.

Either select an address from the drop down (you can type to search too) or enter a brand new address. Choose a country, enter a postcode and click FIND ADDRESS. We'll search the Royal Mail database and all you have to do is enter your recipient's name and house number.

When all boxes are correctly filled, click NEXT to proceed.


Now for the fun bit!

Choose your desired postcard size and postal service; choose a font and text size for your message and tell us where you're sending the card from so we can print a flag for you. We've used the power of the 'tinternet to make a best guess of the country you're currently in but you can change this on the drop down; and don't worry, we can't see you! ;)

Enter your message in the space on the postcard. What you can see is roughly what will print but you will get a chance to review it before you send it. Blank areas on the card will be taken up with things like stamps and return addresses.

When you're happy, click NEXT to proceed.

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